I personally could do range

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However I personally could do range since they're quite amazing for array xp being essentially giant meatsacks. Additionally, there are lots of semi-safespots through the slayer tower to array them from. As you'd be attempting to OSRS gold safespot them (Obtaining them caught onto walls, piles of rubble and such since they take two squares) go to your very best range bonus gear, archer helm/robin, finest dragonhide, snakeskin boots/ranger.

If you've done heritage of seergaze though and need the fastest xp take a cannon and prayer gear to the tunnels near the blood altar. Locate the room with the mutated ones, pray melee, start cannon, make sure auto retaliate is really on and go. Costs a fair amount of cash to do so but it is easily one of the fastet task you'll receive. And seeing as they have a lot of hitpoints it's also among the most appropriate for xp.

If you go to w67 you can typically get into teams as soon as you've got 100-105. I have not played for like 3 months so a lot of this has probably changed. W67 is generally dominated by s/l now... Make some friends that are good dungers; with all the people I dung with that I can typical sub 15 moment warps even with 1-2 randoms from w67 - you may have to join someone like 3b0 to start off with, but something such as DGS with huge commitment not to actually get much from it - you're spending around an hour to get together a program to some clan which makes you bind primal baxes!

Yes, I implemented based on multiple buddies that used dgs into 100+ who stated it is the very best and 3bo is garbage, for Buy RS gold what that's worth, I've only done 1-2 flooring with them ever, but applied since I plan on dging shortly. Even if 3bo does have been greater, dgs is the only decent alternative to 105/110+ anyways. From what I am told, 3bo became overun with 117 crap dgers who do not even know more than the fundamentals of dung and they now are there, I'm convinced there are certainly fantastic keyers and teams in 3bo nevertheless however, so thats kinda why I reccomended what I did, to use both.

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