Riverdale Season 5 New Episode 6 Chapter 82

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The CW’s hottest, Mystery TV drama Riverdale opened a new chapter. The stories, initially taken from incomplete season 4, are seen in the first three episodes of season 5 as the gang captures the second murderer, reveals an autocracy, and, eventually, the gang enjoys their graduation ceremony. Now, the Riverdale Gang has crossed seven years of its future. Everyone has their own new world but the gangs unite to save the city.

If you are very excited to see what is to come in the next new episode 82 of Riverdale, you can check out the content of the upcoming episode below. It has promos, photos, and synopsis released by CW.

Watch Riverdale Episode 82 Photos & Preview

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The title of next week’s new episode is “Back to School” in which you will see your favorite characters as teachers. For starters, the sudden arrival of Chad is not going to be right. In the future, we may also see a form of jealousy. Now Riverdale in the 20s. It would be easier to find places to hookup for Betty and Archie.

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