After in excess of 20 years of progress

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Coconut may be the symbol of Hainan, in addition to coconut milk has popularity of plant milk. Nicepal Coconut Natural powder is selected from Hainan fresh coconut, made by the world's sophisticated spray-drying technology and canning, which keeps its food intake and aroma of fresh coconut well. Instantly dissolved, user friendly.
Coconut is the symbolic representation of Hainan, and coconut take advantage of has reputation of place milk. Nicepal Coconut Powder snow is selected from Hainan fresh new coconut, made by the world's most advanced spray-drying technology and refinement, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of unique coconut well. Instantly dissolved, simple to use.


Keep fresh vitamins and minerals and pure coconut essence, quality assurance, color normal, good solubility, no preservatives, zero essence or synthetic pigment.
Hainan Nicepal Marketplace Co.,Ltd. was launched in 1999. After in excess of 20 years of progress, it has become a modern enterprise integrating agriculture, community and trade, diversified items and strong financial energy. We have got ISO9001 High quality Management System Certificate, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Instrument and BRC global Normal for food safety Certificates. There are two pillar industries that are planting industry and the brand new agricultural product processing industry.
Nicepal has a controllable fruit base of greater than 600 hm2, thus ensuring the source, quality, protection and traceability of live materials.
Relying on Hainan Island's wealthy tropical fruit resources, the company uses modern biotechnology in addition to advanced spray drying technological know-how to independently develop as well as produce “NICEPAL”tropical fruit along with vegetable powder. This group of products fill the domestic blank and have won many national technology patents, becoming the leading innovative products in london. The rapid freezing technology is used to produce various "Nicepal" quick-frozen fruit flesh puree series products, which in turn achieve the maximization associated with freshness and nutrients; At the same time, Nicepal fruit and veg powder was used when raw material to create the "Green Current" a line tablet candy products represented by lime candy, which created a cutting-edge brand of tablet tropical fruits. In 2016, the "Nicepal" and "Green Current" manufacturer series products won famous brand products and prominent trademarks of Hainan State.

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