The very controversial new gimmick is the Squeal of Fortune.

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Then if I make RuneScape gold outside? The game stinks and stand still while everything flows - yes my connection is actually slow - If you just want the XP, go kill Pyrefiends or even Jellies rather than trying to defend the spirit altar, especially you have low levels. In Addition, the Prot Mage prayer is present for a reason. I enjoy your remommends to acquire the deflector and wear the 3 bits + the helm to find the boost. You have to wear a emptiness helm + 3 other pieces to acquire the set bonus at all. There's plenty of robots for a little while, and Jagex comes along and squashes them like bugs. Denno just how Jagex does that. They are gone for a while, then come back. Subsequently Jagex nukes them all again for a while.

Lots of graphical updates. That would be excellent, but it's gradually taking more CPU power to play the sport. Lag is ever getting worse in heavily"improved" places. You can barely move in Edgeville if it is crowded because of the lag. Jagex must ramp it back down a bit or they're gonna kill the game. Jagex needs to realize that one of the reasons RS is popular is because it doesn't require a supercharged PC. Some new talking quests. Its both cool and annoying at the same moment. Bleh.

The very controversial new gimmick is the Squeal of Fortune. You can't miss it. Every time you log onto the very first time each day, you're permitted to play with a game copied after Wheel of Fortune. It wouldn't be so contentious if a common decoration was magic lamps that provide you encounter that you did not make. Plus, you can purchase twists. Jagex has been hypocritical in opposing real-world-trading, then, consequently, selling experience factors for real world money. That sucks!

Another thing I don't enjoy is the addition of"lodestones." But when you cast the Home spell, then you can choose that lodestone to respawn at. I spent a year building up my magic experience so that I can teleport to far away places. Now, a n00b teleport freely around RS with barely any magic experience. These lodestones allow you buy RS gold to teleport more areas than high level teleport spells allow you to. That is a BIG imbalance, IMO!

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