Female Health -- How To Recognize Acute PID And Chronic PID

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PID, short for pelvic inflammatory disease, is a common female illness, which is very common in sexually active women. With the change of lifestyle and daily habits and other factors, the incidence of PID has gradually increased, and it indicates a younger trend.

PID can be classified into acute and chronic types. Acute PID is more readily cured than chronic PID. 

Early symptoms of acute PID: 

Sufferers with acute PID have different clinical manifestations because of the different extent and severity of inflammation involvement. Sufferers often experience lower abdominal pain, accompanied by fever, severe chills, high fever, headache, poor appetite and so on. Vaginal discharge gets increased and becomes purulent with smelly taste.

If there is abscess formation, which is usually located in the uterus, it will suppress the bladder and result in urinary urgency or difficulty urination. In the event that the abscess is located in the rectum, inducing the uterus to sink, the sufferer will have a heavy feeling of stool bulging.

Early symptoms of chronic PID:

Chronic PID is often incurred by incomplete therapy in the acute period, which has longer onset duration and persistent symptoms. The main symptoms of chronic PID are lower abdominal swelling, pain and lumbosacral soreness, which can be deteriorated after fatigue, sex and menstruation.

Then, female sufferers will have abnormal menstruation because of pelvic congestion, and they may have low energy, physical discomfort, insomnia and other neurasthenia symptoms. In more serious situations, it will lead to infertility or tubal pregnancy, seriously affecting female health.

When does a female suffer from PID?

Not all females will suffer from PID, since the human reproductive system features a natural defense. Under normal circumstances, it is able to fight against the invasion of bacteria. PID can break out only when your body resistance is reduced, or when a woman's natural defenses are destroyed for other reasons.

What can you do if you are bothered by PID?

Getting solved in a timely manner should always be your step. Commonly, you can use the herbal formula Fuyan Pill to get a complete recovery, which is relatively effective and secure. This is a natural herbal formula that has widely adopted in clinical practice, so you can take it safely.

In daily life, you should put emphasis on personal hygiene. Clean vulva with warm water each day to keep it dry and clean, which can help you avoid bacterial infection. And always keep clean before and after sexual life.

Also, you need to take notice of healthy diet. Don’t pursue a perfect body via excessive weight loss induced by dieting, which can affect the body resistance and enlarge the risk of PID.

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