Gel face mask reduces skin sensitivity

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Why are gel face masks more and more popular in the market? Let's take a look at the advantages of gel face masks.

1. Because there is no medium, it reduces skin sensitivity by 80% and reduces skin allergies and redness.

2. Because there is no medium, it will never lock the skin moisture.

3: Because there is no medium, 30 grams of nutrient essence is like a nutrient quilt, which reaches the dermis of the skin as the skin temperature changes. Does not stay in the epidermal layer. Stronger absorption and more moisturizing.

4: It is 100% melted in water, and the part that is not absorbed by the skin after use can also dissolve and bubble your feet. It can be said that one membrane has multiple uses.

5: Its natural plant ingredients, no chemical preservatives, are made of natural Korean preservatives, so it also has a pair of eye masks and a lip mask. The eyes and lips must be safe.

6: The particularity of its material can soften keratin, strengthen skin metabolism and absorption.

7: Compared with other masks, it fits the skin better and does not affect any work. It is transparent like glass, and it is favored by men.

8: It is 100% degraded after use. It is an excellent environmental protection mask and does not pollute the environment after use.

For more information, please click here: Eco Friendly Gel.

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