Reasons to choose the cap embroidery machine

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Professional cap embroidery machines have in excess of ten needles. This enables them to work on a large scale, setting the design and then leaving the machine to is work.

Ease-of-use is also one of the features of the cap embroidery machine If you don’t want to spend hours trying to set your machine up for your project. With that in mind, make sure you choose a machine that changes your threads easily.

Familiarizing yourself with the machine’s capabilities by watching videos and reading the instruction manual before starting could save you time in the long run. It will also make sure you’re clear about what you need to do from the get-go.

A major feature you will need to identify is the ability of the hoop and work area to cope with hat embroidery. Some machines come with a designated hat hoop, or these can be purchased separately. However, this extra hoop is not always needed and the machine’s standard hoops can sometimes deal with the task just as well.

Embroidering hats are all about design. You will need a machine that can either import designs or attaches them to your computer to allow you the freedom to create your own personalization.

Having an LCD display on the machine or the ability to connect to a computer for design is really a must-have feature. You can reposition and tweak your design to ensure the finished result is exactly what you want.

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