One day face to face Lean Learning training

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One day face to face Lean Learning training. Three virtual online training in Lean Learning training (each session is usually 2 hours long). This one day intensive provides valuable training, practical, interactional, hands on activities and conversations, case studies and visual and video examples on Lean thinking principles, techniques and tools. During the training participants are provided with a comprehensive CD-ROM that contains information and resources that will be beneficial for them to achieve their goals. The training duration is one full day.

During the one-day training, participants are taught the basic concepts of Lean thinking training including Lean concepts, Lean tools and methods, Lean management objectives and roles. During the training, they will be introduced to: - The importance of defining and documenting customer needs. - Learning how to identify the problems first and work backwards to find the solutions. - Learning how to measure the success of Lean initiatives and work plans.

Once fully trained, participants are then sent home with a study guide and a collection of workbooks, CD-ROMs and related materials that they will need to complete the assignments for the various lessons. Participants are then trained in how to use the study guides and materials according to their learning objectives. All participant's workbooks and CD-ROMs are designed according to the concepts and framework of the Lean concepts and tools.

Lean Thinking is based on the Five Pillars of Lean manufacturing concept. These include the four Lean Management Principles and the powerful impacts that come with each one. Lean thinking is a continuous process improvement methodology that enables businesses to improve their operations and in turn, increase their profit. Lean concepts and tools have been successfully implemented in businesses ranging from supermarkets to hotels, from hospitals to military defense contractors.

In a recent survey, it was revealed that companies in the U.S spend approximately $3 billion annually on lean services and programs. Many employers believe that maize is a waste of time and money. However, those same employers are also aware that without the proper knowledge, implementing kaizen could actually lead to a downfall of their business. Therefore, with the aid of lean thinking training, businesses can gain the knowledge they need to successfully implement a kaizen throughout their organization. This will allow them to successfully leverage their resources in order to make the most out of every dollar.

A large part of lean thinking training is for the managers who will be implementing the program within their own company. They are expected to know what kaizen means, how it impacts their company's efficiency, and how to buy-in. Without buy-in, it is unlikely that any progress can be made towards improving business processes. If management does not believe that the corporation's leaders will get along well with the lean business processes, the implementation may simply be postponed until after the leader is convinced that he or she will get along well with the process.

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