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A body of recent research reports the positive relationship between assertiveness and patient safety. This study reports the development and analysis of an assertiveness communication training program designed to improve students' ability to convey safety in medical practice. The study also includes a resource box that presents further critical insights on the relation between the program and current practice. The main features of the study are the identification of three key elements of an effective, safe practice and the evaluation of a selected selection of student groups. The findings provide important insights into developing safety and assertiveness into wellness programmes.

This review was done to evaluate the effectiveness of a health professional students and training staff can build in the context of teaching healthy communication skills. Teaching healthy communication skills is one of the prerequisites for successful practitioners of medicine. There has been a recent focus in the academic world on communication skills training and its role in wellness education. There is now widespread use of the internet, interactive whiteboards and journals to disseminate important information from research and evidence based practice to make professionals more up to date with emerging trends.

Teaching healthy communication skills is essential for safety and patient care in the health care industry. Studies have shown that patients who receive consistent communication from healthcare workers can avoid accidents and illnesses that might result from miscommunication or lack of knowledge of safety and appropriate care. According to research, giving constructive feedback is one of the most powerful methods to promote safety and quality care. However, given the highly competitive environment in the health care industry, it can be difficult for professionals to receive constructive feedback. This has been found to be particularly problematic for medical professionals like nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals who work with patients every day.

Over the past couple of years there has been increasing concern about the lack of assertiveness among some professional groups. One of the main reasons cited for this was the increasing trend of performing patients in a submissive manner. This was seen in various situations where people were interacting with one another in the work place, at home, at school, and in various social situations. As a result, communication skills training gives professionals the ability to assert their own authority and take control when they need to.

One example of an effective communication skills and assertiveness exercise is a heated discussion between a group of people where one person starts the conversation aggressively. The speaker then makes it clear that he/she will be speaking up if necessary and ask for a response. 

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