Airless sprayer has been widely used in many fields

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With the advancement of science and technology, the coating industry is developing in the direction of mechanization, automation and continuity. The previous manual brushing and roller coating can no longer meet the requirements of modern industry. High-pressure airless paint sprayer has the advantages of high efficiency, less paint mist during operation, and high spraying quality. It has been widely used in many fields.

The electrostatic high-pressure airless sprayer sprays the sprayed material from the nozzle under a certain pressure. When the spray material is sprayed, it is atomized and the paint mist is negatively charged. At the same time, a high-voltage electric field is formed between the nozzle and the sprayed object. Under the action of static electricity, the charged paint mist is deposited on the surface of the sprayed object through electrostatic attraction, forming a uniform coating. This technology combines the two advantages of electrostatic spraying technology and high-pressure airless spraying technology to further improve the quality and efficiency of spraying and reduce the waste of spraying materials.

High pressure airless spraying has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for large-scale construction and painting. It is known for its fast spraying speed, high spraying efficiency and good spraying quality. It can also be used for spraying on narrow parts, which are difficult to spray with general brushing methods, and is suitable for various automatic coating lines. The emergence of airless sprayer technology has filled some loopholes in "airless spraying" and broadened the spraying field.

One working principle of high-pressure airless spraying is still pressure and the other is airless. High pressure means that when the paint reaches the nozzle, it is continuously pressurized by a high-pressure pump (usually 10~30MPa), and then sprayed from the nozzle; air, that is, when the paint leaves the nozzle, the paint speed can usually reach 1m/S. The paint will collide strongly with the particles in the air, and the paint will be broken into small particles until the speed reaches zero during the movement, and finally adhere to the surface of the sprayed object. This process is atomized. Because this process is not mixed with air, it is called an airless sprayer.

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