What requirements do waterproof materials need to meet?

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Container mobile houses are generally made of iron, and if iron is not handled properly, water leakage will inevitably occur. Therefore, after the mobile house is produced, it needs to sit down and waterproof, so what requirements should the waterproof materials used meet? The following editor will introduce some standards that the waterproof materials used in the container house must meet.

The waterproof materials used in container mobile houses must meet the following standards:

1. It must have good bonding performance on the metal surface and cannot fall off;

2. It must have good elasticity and breaking tensile strength to adapt to various vibrations and displacements of the roof;

3. Low temperature flexibility to ensure product performance under low temperature conditions;

4. It must have good weather resistance;

5. Anti-ultraviolet aging;

6. It must have good air permeability and breathability;

7. It must have good characteristics of adapting to various climates and use a large temperature range to ensure the performance of the product at high and low temperatures and the requirements for temperature difference or sudden cooling and heating;

8. It is necessary to be able to seamlessly process various abnormal parts;

9. Safety and environmental protection, simple construction, etc.

The above standards are the waterproof materials made by each PTH container house. If these requirements are not met, please replace the waterproofing on the container house.

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