Let your road to work no longer be congested

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The new era meets the new needs of a group of urban youth. They love sports and like to use a hearty ride on weekends to get close to nature; they also pursue the efficiency of commuting and daily freedom, hoping to travel beautifully and elegantly on the way to and from get off work. E-bicycle has become the first choice for young people.

Battery assist can make the bicycle faster, easier to accelerate after stopping at a traffic light, etc., and provide assistance uphill, headwind, heavy load, or the above-mixed conditions. Although due to safety considerations, battery assistance will stop when a certain speed is reached, the average speed of cyclists on electric bicycles is about 22 kilometers per hour, which is about 50% faster than the average speed of 15 kilometers per hour on conventional bicycles.

At the beginning of this century, electric bicycles were still relatively rare in most parts of the world. Nowadays, thanks to the recent development of lithium-ion battery technology, price and power storage, the attention of the electric bicycle market have risen sharply. According to estimates, from 2020 to 2023, sales of electric bicycles are expected to exceed 130 million.

Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle is an E-Bike Manufacturers, the products mainly include public electric bike, portable folding electric bike and electric bike mountain bike. If necessary, please contact us.


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