The Jordan 1 Mid LX Opti Yellow Released

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The Jordan 1 Mid LX Opti Yellow is once again working with Nike. Pigalle has been showing her skills on the catwalk during Fashion Week for years. For FW21 runway, designer Stéphane Ashpool has unveiled a series of Air Jordan 1 Mids. This time the leather of the Jordan 1 Mid has been exchanged for a velvet upper. Four colorways have been unveiled for the catwalk. We have to wait and see whether we will also see a release.His designs are worn by, among others: Drake and Rihanna.These colors also appear to be the color palette of Pigalle's fall / winter 2021 collection. The Paris-based brand has a lot in store for the coming Fasion week!Familiar details like the Jumpman logo embroidered on the tongue tab and printed on the back of the shoe, the familiar "23" number represents the number of shirts Michael Jordan wore when he got on the ring. The appearance of a transparent block on the shoelaces is also a highlight for the whole, make sure you are attracted by them at first sight.
Whether we will actually see the Jordan 1 High Dark Mocha release, we are not sure yet. But it could well be, since Pigalle has already had many collaborations, with Nike and Converse, among others. The Jordan 1 Mid has been given a full velvet upper in this collaboration. Per colorway, the entire sneaker is also made in one color.
If you juxtapose the design of the Air Jordan 13 UK and shoes side by side, you will immediately notice the similarity. The upper of the iconic Dunk Low model was, in our case, made of pink colored suede, just like the body of a racing car.

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