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Per Mana Cream The flip of the century turned into indeed a time of wondrous innovations. It started with the 1900 international Exhibition in Paris, which was attended via many humans, which includes the little acknowledged jap scientist, Arinobu Fukuhara. Arinobu turned into in joyous temper as he had simply invented a skin lotion known as Eudermine. Inside a few years, the arena witnessed the introduction of the Kodak Brownie, the flight of the Zeppelin and the sound of the first gramophone discs. It continued with the arena's first aeroplane fight and the advent of the Ford model T. It turned into a time of wonderful exchange in Chemistry, Marie Curie determined radioactive Radium, Eugène Schueller observed p-phenylenediamine and Hamburg chemist Paul Beiersdorf advanced the first chemical that might bind oil and water.

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