Digital printing machine and digital multifunction machine

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According to technical sources, the existing digital printing equipment on the market can be roughly divided into the following four categories.

1. Digital printing all-in-one machine-developed from copier technology plus digital technology.

(1) This type of equipment generally includes three parts: scanning part, laser printing part, and folding and binding part. Its functions are more comprehensive, you can scan, copy, print and digital release.

This type of equipment belongs to the multifunctional digital printing system, which is a type of digital printing. The previous single output equipment has transformed the digital input and output integrated equipment.

(2) Features and advantages of digital printing all-in-one machine: the output speed is 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 pages per minute or even higher, adapting to a wide range of markets; the addition of digital technology ensures quality Stable; the equipment is easy to operate and the working environment is clean; the system is low in cost and has strong competitiveness; it is these characteristics that the digital printing all-in-one machine has, and we expect its development prospects to be broad.

2. Digital multifunction machine-developed from printer technology.

This type of equipment is the same in principle as the former, but because they do not master high-speed laser printer core technology, most manufacturers’ digital all-in-ones can only compete in the low-speed (less than 30 pages per minute) market, and even compete for fax machines. The market and the printer market. It is difficult for this type of equipment to enter the digital printing market.

3. Digital printing machine-developed from printing machine technology, digital technology and electronic ink technology.

4. Digital printing machine-developed from printing machine technology plus digital technology and on-machine direct plate making technology.

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