The downside is that it complicates the actions for less seasoned players and raises the learning curve.

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It's a fact that with respect to NBA 2K Coins the gameplay there are frustrating moments which still haven't been ironed out, such as a 2.16 player near the basket sometimes opting in his own risk to leap back to make an acrobatic shot that we've not taken. Asked instead of popping the hoop like it is supposed to, but these are scenarios that we don't encounter frequently. In general, the game close to the basket is exactly what can be considered a pending subject for the toughest (like me, of course). Besides this accession to the shooting mechanisms, new motions have also been inserted both with and without the ball. We'll see them very necessary since the defense applied from the artificial intelligence of the game has also put the batteries from one generation to another and it's going to be more difficult to find clear shots if we don't take care of the art of blocking or searching for spaces.

Even the General Manager mode is really fun and puts in our hands the control of a professional staff to handle their destinations by purchasing, selling or exchanging players along with other businesses. My Team style can also be a great deal of fun with a continuously upgraded card game (such as with particular cards for events such as Halloween). Here too there is an obvious imbalance if we decide to use money to evolve our team.

Of course, another of the game's advantages, especially for nostalgic individuals as a server, is the possibility of using ancient teams and players for actual or imagined skirmishes between teams of Cheap MT 2K21 yesteryear or facing present teams for spectacular dream duels. Additionally, teams in the professional women's league have been incorporated to add new possibilities.

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