DRAGON SLAYER II (SAFE) Requirements: Top Combat stats (at 80s), finished Dragon Slayer II Quest.

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BLACKJACKING (SAFE) Requirements: At least 65 at RuneScape gold Thieving ability (even over 80 is highly recommended), Rogue Trader minigame, Rogue Equipment and The Feud quest. A very simple yet effective way of making money whilst at the same time training Thieving skill includes blackjacking Menaphite Thugs.

By knocking out these NPCs you will have the ability to pickpocket them several times before they regain consciousness. It's a great chance to generate gold as you do other things like watching TV or playing on your telephone as it requires very little attention from the consumer. If you would like to learn more about this money making process head to our Blackjacking Guide.

PICKPOCKETING AT ARDOUGNE (SAFE) Requirements: 55 in Thieving ability but with 95+ you will be efficient, medium Ardougne diary completed, Rogue Equipment. Another easy way to obtain currency comes from pickpocketing. Generally, most people use that capability on Ardougne Knights since they may be enticed to a secure place but you could also pickpocket different NPCs like Master Farmer (for higher levels) and Guys round Lumbride (for reduced levels). To start off, go to the Ardougne Market Square and try to lure one of the knights to the north-eastern construction. If you've met the prerequisites stated above you should have the ability to succeed at resisting from Ardougne Knights at every attempt.

DRAGON SLAYER II (SAFE) Requirements: Top Combat stats (at 80s), finished Dragon Slayer II Quest. In general, this method will be a combat related farming. You will need to complete Dragon Slayer II as it unlocks two creatures worth killing. First one is the main antagonist of this pursuit - Vorgath.

Even though he doesn't leave valuable things on drop throughout the assignment, you can come to his cave again after exploration is completed to struggle for rewards. Keep in mind that the version of Vorgath you will meet following the quest is completed will likely be significantly stronger than the one which you have challenged. In terms of the drops you can anticipate to find some Rune bars and items in addition to valuable dragonhide.

If you aren't into bossing, you may also struggle Rune Dragons that are also quite rewarding. They require much less attention, work and preparation whilst leaving similar items to those who come in the boss. This may also be done on cheap RS gold the lower level if you can manage to get Dragon Slayer II completed.

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