How to use paper binding machine?

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There are many models of paper binding machines but their working principles are similar. In addition to automatic binding machines, general binding machines can be roughly divided into the following two steps for binding.

The first step is to punch holes. There is a ruler on the general binding machine to adjust the left and right position based on this. There is a veneer at the back to adjust the front and rear margins. Generally, the adjustable margin is about 2.5CM. Manual machines can be adjusted by turning the knob on the back of the machine, and automatic machines can pass. The two knobs on the side are adjusted, and the holes can be punched after the position is right.


1. Remove pins, staples and other metal objects before punching.

2. Please make sure the glue has dried before binding. Binding before the glue is dry will affect the life of the drill.

3. Try not to punch holes in the original hole if you are unskilled, and reserve a certain margin when binding, and don't go too far.

4. Pay attention to the length of the knife when using the manual binding machine.

The second step is manual hot riveting binding. After the hole is punched, the riveting tube will usually be cut automatically and fall into the nozzle groove. Just put the cut rivet tube into the hole, move to the left side of the rivet head, insert the centering shaft into the rivet tube, and then press down the handle, and hold it for 2-3 seconds.

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