The difference between digital printing machine and digital printing machine?

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What is the difference between digital printing machine and digital printing machine?

Digital printing machine, also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realizes the real one-sheet printing, no plate making, and full-color image completion at one time. It is a replacement product of traditional printing machines.

Digital printing machines are generally divided into several categories:

1. Plateless digital printing machine. The advantages of this type of equipment are mainly manifested in the variable data printing that can realize one-sheet printing and personalized printing.

2. Direct plate-to-plate digital printing presses. Their advantage is that they can optimize the process flow, which is very suitable for the business of printing 300~5000 sheets.

3. There are also digital printers using inkjet technology. It is mainly used to print a large number of bills, commercial bills, etc. Its advantage lies in lower printing costs.

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