The effect of automatic laminating machine is smoother

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What details should be paid attention to when laminating with automatic laminating machine? Automatic laminating machine is often used in our life, so what should we pay attention to when operating the automatic laminating machine? The following small series will summarize it for everyone.

We need to pay attention to the following aspects when laminating:

1. There are two kinds of films used in the automatic laminating machine: sub-film and bright film. The sub-film effect is like frosting, which is more classy. The bright film effect is obvious and intuitive, and has reflective effect. Choosing different membranes has different effects, so you should choose them freely according to your needs.

2. There are different types of automatic laminating machines, such as automatic full-automatic laminating machines and small full-automatic laminating machines.

3. The automatic laminating machine is good at laminating on both sides at the same time, so it looks smoother, has stiffness and does not curl.

These are the precautions for automatic laminating machine.

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