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Nonappearance: Keto Vip  Also called petit-mal seizures, these keep going for a couple of moments. They can make you flicker consistently or gaze into space. Others may erroneously believe you're fantasizing.

Atonic: During these seizures, otherwise called drop assaults, your muscles unexpectedly go limp. Your head may gesture or your whole body could tumble to the ground. Atonic seizures are brief, enduring around 15 seconds.

Obscure beginning seizures

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Once in a while nobody sees the start of a seizure. For instance, somebody may awaken in the night and notice their accomplice having a seizure. These are called obscure beginning seizures. They are unclassKeto Vipied due to deficient data about how they began.

What are the manKeto Vipestations of a seizure?

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