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Is Urine Examination Can Be Used To Determine Prostatitis?

By linlin998z at 2020-11-10 • 0 collector • 501 pageviews

Doctors point out that usually, the urine examination can determine prostatitis, while the evidence is not sufficient and further examinations are needed. It is recommended to pay more attention to hygiene and timely treatment.


Routine urine examination can play an auxiliary role in the examination of prostatitis. Via routine urine examination, you can recognize whether there is urinary tract infection or not, but you can't determine prostatitis merely via this examination. Therefore, if the patient wants to determine the disease, he should be diagnosed together with other items, such as B-ultrasound, prostatic fluid exam and bacteriological exam.


Male patients with prostatitis usually have some uncomfortable symptoms, such as urinary frequency, urgency, and urinary pain etc., which will invite adverse effects on patients. It is necessary for patients to adopt a regular and effective scheme for treatment, so it is very significant to avert the aggravation of this problem.


Furthermore, before the diagnosis of the disease, it is needed to cooperate with doctors to carry out the corresponding examination. Therefore, the routine urine can not be able to determinate prostatitis.


Routine urine examination can be used to decide whether there is urinary tract infection, which is an auxiliary method for the diagnosis of prostatitis. Because this kind of examination can not directly tell whether there is prostatitis. Therefore, the patients should not only pass the urine routine examination, but also combine the prostate fluid routine and bacteriological examination to diagnose this common male disease.


If the number of white blood cells in the prostatic fluid is more than 10 per visual field, it should be suspected that it is triggered by prostatitis. If the macrophages are found in the prostatic fluid during the examination, then the prostatitis can be basically diagnosed. The patient must actively cooperate with the doctor for exam.


Bacteriological examination is applicable to patients who need to drink more water before antibiotic treatment and urine collection. Patients with long prepuce should turn up their prepuce, urinate and collect about 10ml urine after cleaning penile head and urethra opening, then continue urinating about 200ml, collect 10ml of middle urine, and then stop urinating and do prostate massage and collect prostate fluid, finally collect 10ml urine.


If you want to make a diagnosis of prostatitis, you must actively cooperate with the doctor to carry out the corresponding exam. If necessary, you can also undergo the B-ultrasonic exam. Through it, you can find some abnormalities, which is very helpful for the diagnosis of the disease.


If you want to cure prostatitis completely, you can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting qi and relieving pain. It can improve the blood supply of prostate and eliminate congestion and edema, restore the normal function of the prostate gland.

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Very informative!

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