Generally, automatic folding machines do not limit the length of paper

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There are two types of automatic folding machines in the market: hybrid automatic folding machines and full fence automatic folding machines. In the purchase of automatic folding machine, we should have a general understanding of these two products, and make the corresponding purchase plan according to our own needs.

Hybrid automatic folding machine is compact and reasonable in design, simple in structure and convenient to operate. Its main components are fence or comb plate and folding knife, which is mainly suitable for folding processing of books publishing and product manuals.

In China, with the improvement of the technology and the expansion of the production scale of the automatic folding machine, the price of the automatic folding machine is also relatively cheap, and the quality of imported machines can be bought with little money, so users who buy the automatic folding machine need not pay attention to foreign machines and equipment blindly. So how to choose a suitable automatic folding machine?

First determine the paper size. Generally, full-automatic folding machines limit the width of paper, but do not limit the length of paper. Therefore, full-automatic folding machines take the width of paper they can pass as the naming standard of full-automatic folding machines.

Secondly, determine the paper length. Automatic folding machine, there is not much restriction on the length of paper. Generally, there is no problem within 650, but longer than 650.

Third, determine the folding method of the product. As the post-press processing equipment of printing enterprises, full-automatic folding machine has great demand for printing tools, whether it is publishing printing, packaging printing or commercial printing. Generally, the price of automatic folding machine will not be very high, but it cannot be blindly selected because the price is not high. Choosing a suitable folding machine is of great significance to the long-term development of enterprises.

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