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Whether the Culprit of Annexitis Is Sitting for Too Long?

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Whether the Culprit of Annexitis Is Sitting for Too Long?

In today's society, a lot of work needs to be done by sitting in front of the computer for years, then there is short amount of time for activities. Sitting for a long time is not only bad for health of females, but in addition can cause many gynecological diseases. Because of sitting for some time and not enough activity, blood circulation, particularly the arteries of lower limbs usually are not smooth, producing obstruction of venous return, and affecting the standard detoxification function of uterine appendages and causing inflammation.

Although adnexitis refers back to the inflammation of fallopian tubes and ovaries, fallopian tubes and ovaries tend to be together with parauterine connective tissue inflammation and pelvic peritonitis, which are difficult to distinguish in diagnosis. Thus, pelvic peritonitis and parauterine connective tissue inflammation can also be included in the scope of adnexitis. Among pelvic organ inflammation, salpingitis will be the most common. Usually, salpingitis, ovarian inflammation and pelvic peritonitis coexist and communicate with one another as a result of close relationship between anatomical sites.

In addition to long-term sitting posture can seriously affect women' health, there are many factors could also bring about inflammation.

1. Bad habits (20%): keep sedentary and improper cleaning. When cleansing the vagina, should you wash the anus prior to vulva, the bacteria through the anus will enter in the vagina and cause inflammation. During menstruation, utilizing a tub bath, bacteria in the water enter the vagina and go the uterus and fallopian tube to cause inflammation. Wearing tight pants for often. Too tight pants can cause inflammation because of pudendal impermeability. Inflammation spreads upwards and results in inflammation of accessories.

2. Delivery or abortion (15%): Appendix inflammation often occurs after delivery or after artificial abortion. Because of childbirth or abortion, women' resistance declines. Pathogens are infected upstream over the reproductive tract and spread towards the fallopian tubes and ovaries, then your whole pelvic cavity, therefore causing inflammation.

3. Intestinal diseases (10%): enteritis pathogens can enter in the genitals through lymphatic vessels and cause adnexitis.

4. Venereal infections (10%): venereal infections into the reproductive tract may cause adnexitis, venereal infections usually are not necessarily through sexual behavior, the usage of venereal patients used bathtubs, toilets, towels all may be infected, and that's why virgins have contracted venereal infections, thus experiencing adnexitis.

Therefore, friends should look closely at avoid behaviors and unclean love life. We must stop the occurrence of diseases, such as adnexitis, that happen to be caused by some living habits we do not look closely at at ordinary times. If not treated soon enough, it will cause infertility, that is an incredible pain for ladies and cause heavy regret.

Of course, the key is to arouse vigilance, and proper treatment is additionally the best way. The treatment of adnexitis must first take away the spread of inflammation, which mandates that the drugs employed to treat have to have the effect of doing away with heat and detoxification. Many herbal medicine prescriptions possess the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, activating blood flow and removing blood stasis, such as bupleurum and honeysuckle contained in fuyan pills. Without side effects, they're not going to produce resistance. Herbal medicine not only will treat various gynecological diseases such as adnexitis brought on by bacterial infection, and also can nourish your body. It is additionally beneficial for ladies to regulate their menstruation.

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In addition to long-term sitting posture can seriously affect women' health, there are many factors could also bring about inflammation.

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