The creasing machine is a machine used to cut various sheet materials

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A creasing machine is a machine used to cut various sheet materials, such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic and leather. It is widely used in printing, packaging, decoration and plastic industries. Divided into manual creasing machine, automatic creasing machine.

Structure function:

1. The sliding bearing is made of high-quality cast copper alloy, which is wear-resistant and damped.

2. The flywheel has a large torque and a large pressing force.

3. The body is integrally cast with high-quality materials, with high strength and good rigidity.

4. The single-plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.

5. It has three functions of single chip pressing, continuous pressing and opening delay. The delay range can be adjusted at will.

6. The operating height is designed reasonably, and the opening angle of the press frame is large.

7. The centralized lubrication system ensures good lubrication and reduces wear.

8. The safety protection system is reliable.

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