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Corporate Photographers in Charlotte NC​

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Corporate Photographers in Charlotte NC

Luncheon, Anniversary, Fundraising Event, Charity Event,Is your company having its anniversary or a product luncheon? We cover all corporate events from staff appreciation events to product lunch events to seminars and conferences and even fundraising events. Your company culture can be highlighted with the images that we cover at your event!Anniversaries, product luncheons, staff appreciations, seminars, conferences, fundraising events, Corporate Photographers or anything else we photograph it all. Summer studios has clearly captured company’s cultures from across the country and would love to document your events so you can sit back and enjoy them. We allow you to experience your memorable events without missing out on anything.With all there is to do and see at Corporate Photographers in Charlotte NC, there will be so many moments you’ll want to remember. Summer Studios offer a variety of photo services that let you bring home your favorite vacation memories without missing any of the fun. Since we focus on event and corporate photography, Corporate Photographers understand the important shots, how to interact with the Corporate Photographers attendees, when and where our photographers need to be. Contact us for a quote today!


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