$0.40 cents a day or $2 a week - bookmess homepage display.

By SnrMgr at 2020-09-12 • 1 collector • 1464 pageviews

All bookmess listings are free except frontpage listings. To keep bookmess free and make it available to millions of users, we charge $5 a month to have listings display on frontpage.

*Frontpage display attracts more views and traffic for business, websites & individuals*

Homepage Paid Posting Display:

- Simply complete a regular post and send us the link.

- Pay the frontpage display fee via:

  • Paypal: [email protected]

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express

  • Cash app: $Kenndia

  • Western Union Cash

- Your posting will be displayed in frontpage within minutes.

Frontpage display price list:

  • One day: $0.40

  • One week: $2

  • One month: $5

  • Six months: $29

  • One Year: $55

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