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Characteristics of carbon fiber pressing process

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Pultrusion technology is a low cost and high quality technology for the production of carbon fiber composite products, especially suitable for the production of medium or large scale civil and military products. With the improvement of technology, the application field of pultruded carbon fiber products has gone far beyond the traditional civil scope. At present, there are more and more suitable raw materials for pultruded. Reinforced materials include glass fiber, carbon fiber and Kevlar, and matrix materials also include epoxy resin, phenolic resin and thermoplastic resin.
Pultruded technology has developed in many forms, the most commercial of which is the saturated resin bath technology, which starts with a yarn supply system that provides the appropriate type and reinforcement of oriented materials that can be continuously pulled from the tank and through the system through the direction of product flow. Although the technology of glue impregnation has been widely used in the application of glue, there are still many problems to be improved, especially for phenolic resin, epoxy resin and other high-performance matrix, it is more outstanding.


The traditional pultrusion process is limited to the production of constant section. Many enterprises are trying to expand the scope of product geometry, such as the continuous extrusion of variable section parts. In pultruded process, the quality control system can monitor each process.


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