It's much harder to Mut 21 coins strip

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It's much harder to Mut 21 coins strip for a fumble than catch an interception. Throw in the fact that running the ball takes longer to score compared to a couple quick moves so you obtained the clock on your side. You've got 4 opportunities to go 10 yards a set of drawbacks, play with the clock so your opponent does not receive any area time with short runs and you're golden.

When guys are on the area irl when compared with a movie game, it's quite different. RB by committee would lessen the strain on the runner, but it would be a trick to discover an OL that may hang with this, and they get wrecked. 

Outside of instances like Mike Vick, who essentially was successful regardless of what the lineup did (before he got injured and then released due to his dogfighting). I really don't see it making a comeback, but it is super rare in college ball now, although I really do wish the triple option was at the highest level. It could be too difficult to find the employees, keep them healthy enough to compete, and get the shit before people got too old for this shit.

OL doesn't make it simply on being"ALL whatever" as often as ability positions, and that work they need to buy Madden nfl 21 coins install on every play is why I don't think that they would last almost so long without the time off field afforded by passing TDS.

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