Actually have no clue how to OSRS gold

By bestrsgoldfast at 2020-07-17 • 0 collector • 213 pageviews

Or do dungeons, or hint maps, or things along that line that I feel like I have seen but actually have no clue how to OSRS gold socialize with outside looking up some items on the wiki. Is there any sort of"So you're a new OSRS RuneScape player, here's what you want to work toward/do" article somewhere? Do people here normally have advice about what to do? Etc.. 

Since I am on my phone doing simple grinding a decent amount, I'm likely going to have difficulty responding in any given length to message, so I apologize in advance. OSRS is weird compared to most games these days, but I kinda love it, so I'm looking forward to learning more and becoming deeper into RuneScape.

I just started too and if you want a really good money maker make some bracelets out of gold bars. I left 12,000 of them and created 1.7m gold! Generally people suggest doing all free to play quests to begin. 

In case you choose to go Buy Runescape gold members, the first bond will be difficult to get with gold. It's a whole lot easier to maintain membership with in-game gold when you are a member. The general recommandation for new members is to work towards barrows gloves (receipe for disaster quest, it is a long chain you can look up on the wiki). The pursuit requirements provide you goals to work towards and also unlock alot of articles. Most importantly, have fun playing RuneScape!

I cannot. I will not voluntarily help anyone get into this kind of addictive game. This shit is going to have you hooked for life, and it wont let go. This isnt a joke about how entertaining RuneScape is, this shit is fucking horrible, stuck clicking on exactly the same spots for tens of thousands of hours.

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