Having been battling to Madden 20 coins

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Competitors having been battling to Madden 20 coins make the name of Madden NFL 20 Champion! The four will today for the top prize of $65k as part of the $220k decoration pool. All games will be broadcast live on the EA Madden NFL YouTube and Twitch channels in addition to ESPN2! 

Unfortunately yes. Paradoxically the guy who does this gets the name of"joke". Since cash is on the line and these developers can't really blame him though allow shit like this to be a winning strategy. So this dude joke is going to perform some ridiculous stuff due to engine and this poor Gameplay? Cool. I'm curious to see how one can break things in matches. They figured out that in the event that you place Calvin Johnson at LB he makes interceptions that are quite literally hopeless so all them do it. EA should just watch the Madden bowl to figure out what they need to patch.

I feel like e sports for sports matches is all about who can split Madden nfl the most. It is guaranteed to be a bug fest. Yes all e sports are this way to a level - fighting games are all about s grade characters and first person shooters involve camping op firearms but the skill required I feel is larger than in sports matches or at least 

Madden nfl is player versus player rather than player with dumb AI vs player with dumb AI. Granted I have never watched nor cared to learn how to be a pro at sports games but because your only commanding 1 character out of a team at a time that I imagine in manipulating the AI better than your 45, that the skill is.

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