Both existed in PSO2 for a time as lower-tier rares

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Also, there were rewards for Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta enjoying with the closed beta. They wouldn't let us playwith, so we had no opportunity. Will PC players have a chance to find those things, or are we simply screwed for not being on the platform? They have not said. They're currently selling perks and items. When PC players have been finally deemed worthy to log in will these be accessible? Can we have another opportunity? Who knows. They haven't said. It seems like were being made to watch from the sidelines for no great reason, for playing, being punished.

Yeah this really is it. People have played so in their mind there is no reason they shouldn't be in a position to have NA PC right away as some people have been awaiting. And let us be honest, Xbox hasn't been that popular of a new this generation. So many Switch with just not wanting to buy a Xbox and of the posts wanting to play on PC also mention having a PS4. And that is completely fair. What gets ridiculous is when people start claiming that this is some dubious plot by Phil Spencer to sell Xbox Gold, which you can already see happening in this thread.What do you miss the most from PS games which isn't in PSO2?

It's 3 items as that. 1: The giant roulette wheel with giant piles of coins. 2: All the public areas, for some time you had to work your way through a mission or 2 just to reach the area you desired, nice they made a fast transfer for this. 3: The BS system. That feeling when you grind out a 10/10 was epic although everyone hated it.

Both existed in PSO2 for a time as lower-tier rares(they were wired lances,) but when the NT weapon system came out a massive quantity of the 7-9 celebrity rarity weapons got just... thrown out. We'll see a weapon camo to it afterwards since OT weapons are unobtainable in NA. I am pretty certain they were equally left when the OT/NT shift occurred and Falclaw WL was 11stars, although IIRC Neiclaw WL was 9stars. All those camos from the photon booster store used to be by grinding the holy shit out of 25, individual weapons that you could farm. Them compressed into multi-weapon camos at least instead of having them for each weapon.

And I enjoy the narrative / writing well enough. But the way is aggressively bad. And it seems like this'up'. The whole thing frustrates me because PSO 1 did it superbly. PSU more so. I really don't understand what occurred in PSO2, except to suppose that the first implementation was designed to pso2 sales drag out the storytelling over a longer period of time... Which is a terrible design choice.

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