Islamic Spirituality and Mental Well-Being:

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Islamic Spirituality and Mental Well-Being:

Spirituality is a broad concept with different perspectives. It includes a sense of connection, finding comfort in a relationship with Allah which leads to positive emotions, peace, and acceptance. The focal point of Islamic spirituality is the individual’s relationship with Allah. In Islamic spirituality one who finds a focus of interest in the remembrance of Allah instead of giving attention to the worldly things. Religious Rituals is a means of Islamic spirituality as they provide a means to maintain Relation with Allah. Further, the relationship with others is also considered a relationship with Allah, giving positive regards to others and other altruistic acts demonstrate an individual's sincere relationship with Allah.

There is a connection between the emotional and spiritual wellbeing which influence one another and all aspects of well being. The quest for emotional balance, anxiety is universal and continues until today. Despite the medical advancement and immense scientific progress, there seems to be a decline in mental health. Rates of depression and suicide increased between 1998 to 2008, these rates much higher in the wealthier nation than in the poorer countries. One of the core features of spirituality is to remain unaffected by the notion of luxury and materialistic things. 

Spirituality brings emotional balance and developing spirituality is more important than financial achievement. People believe that happiness is achieved through wealth, entertainment which helps them to escape from anxiety.

But the fact is that the worldly things will lead a person into existential crises and anxiety. Many people think that mental illness and emotional imbalance are purely biological terms. Modern psychology proves that the important aspect involved in the human mind is spirituality. Spirituality intelligence is the ability of a person to process the world and find significance. In Islamic spirituality, the process involves contemplating the sign of Allah and extracting meaning on how to act, think, and feel. When a person with high spirituality abstracts the positive meaning from the events. Which leads to gratitude, optimism, and inspiration. The people who abstract the wrong meaning from the world and fail to understand the Ayaat of Allah which will lead to states such as jealousy, anger, arrogance. 

When we surrender to Allah then we free ourselves from the slavery of our psychology. Our attachment to Allah is the ultimate anchor of our life because the Quran mentions everything in life will eventually leave us. Everything that happens in our life is by the decree of Allah and we believe in that whatever Allah decree is wise, compassionate. It is a powerful concept that allows a person to truly move on from mistakes. 


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