This timed exclusive additionally includes exclusive things PSO2

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Why are people angry it is a timed exclusive for Xbox? Well that is because they haven't announced an end date to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the exclusive that is timed. So PC players are compelled to sit in the dark and wait patiently. They also have announced that launch, which places PC players supporting will be rolled over into by beta advancement that was open. PC players can be put back 3 to 4 months supporting xbox players, which for a MMO is a bad thing for your community.

This timed exclusive additionally includes exclusive things, a few of which were given out as we were told to either go out and purchase an xbox or miss out on the opportunity for items that were exclusive to the evaluation, which is unjust to PC players. Ontop of that apparently the beta test progress is also currently rolling over. Setting PC players.

Why not just go buy an Xbox and play with the beta once it launches and change to PC? Since some people have no income removing the Covid 19 thing, not all people have the ability to go to the store and drop $150 on an xbox then cover Xbox Live, simply not to be excluded. Some people don't want to invest the money just because they won't ever pick up an Xbox after release, which is a huge waste of money, and there is also the simple fact that the next Xbox is going to start this year (from what I have heard), meaning that their new xbox is going to be much more useless.

Then there is the fact that SEGA/MS are retaining players in the dark about things. MS is also adding in a Battle Pass program for no reason (this game doesn't have any reason for it whatsoever ) which will be a sign that they are prepared to add more micro-transactions to the game to milk players, which pisses off people. And then there's the community infighting just like a lot of kids, where we've got platform elitism FOR NO REASON AT ALL. No one cares if only on Xbox and you would like to play on Xbox, go do it. If you want to bitch to purchase an xbox rather than expressing my discontent with SEGA/MS within this content, then pay me to go purchase one, I dont think all $12 within my bank account will get me very far now.

Don't compare this. No one that things wanted in order transfer their pokemon to Sword and Shield before they beat the game. It's been a item and that would have been nice...Sword and Shield flat out got rid of a significant feature that's been a staple of the series for 2 decades. The NA PC version of PSO2 is just coming compared to Xbone version...very things that are distinct. The PSO2 PC people are whiners. As a person the only thing is that the CBT rewards will be XBone exclusive...which would suckbut it would not be the end of buy PSO2 Meseta the world (I really want the Dreamcast MAG as a serious 90s Sega fanboy).

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