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Created topic  › High-Risk Groups of BPH

I. Middle-aged and elderly males. Most of them were middle-aged and men over 50 years old. The reason why middle-aged and elderly men are susceptible to BPH can be explained by hormone effects and functional tests. 

2. Obese People. Ob

«  2019-03-19
Created topic  › Different types of Orchitis and their Treatment Measures

When a man has high fever, chills, testicular pain, and radiation pain in the scrotum, thigh root and inguinal area, accompanied by testicular swelling and tenderness, if purulent, there is a feeling of fluctuation of pus on the touch, or there is redness of the scrotal skin and hydrocele in the

«  2019-03-15
«  2019-03-05
Created topic  › Is Male Orchitis Transmittable to Females?

In general, the possibility of orchitis infection is small. Non-specific orchitis just isn't contagious, even though orc

«  2019-02-13
Created topic  › How TCM Views on Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic Prostatitis is a normal disease of urology, it describes chronic inflammation of prostate tissue resulted by various causes.

«  2019-02-02
Created topic  › Prostatitis Patients Should Not “Drink More Water”

Nowadays, "drinking water could be more beautiful", "drinking water can moist the stomach so keep yourself hydrated". But TCM does not have this time of view. Too much comsuption of water isn't necessarily good for the fitness of our body, and it is not necessarily good fo

«  2019-01-30
Created topic  › What Kind of Inflammation causes Testicular Pain?

Testicular disease affects the conventional functioning from the reproductive system, can lead to male infertility, so testicular pain ought to be promptly treated, when the timing of treatment methods are delayed, chances are the misery is doubled. However which inflammation could cause testicul

«  2019-01-29
Created topic  › Homemade Remedies for Prostatitis - Diet Plan

Prostatitis can seriously affect men's life and work. In the case of prostatitis, we must not merely treat the symptoms with medication. In addition to medical treatments such as Diuretic an

«  2019-01-21

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