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Myth related to Female Hair Loss

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Hair loss is the common health problem in both genders of each age group. This is the condition which can cause due to many factors such as genetic factors, bad habits of hair styling, and cancer treatment. Majority of people claim that this is the condition which is only experienced by men but they are wrong because this is the condition of both sexes. Women face this condition due to certain medications, pregnancy, and some other health problems which can lead to excessive hair loss.

There are some myths and facts about female hair loss include-:

The primary reason behind female hair fall is hereditary

This is just a myth because of female experience hair loss due to many factors. These include a certain type of medication to treat some of the health conditions, pregnancy, PCOS, and some other conditions. No doubt, men face hair loss due to genetic factors if their father had genetic hair loss then they will surely encounter this condition but in females, it is totally a myth.

Hair fall in the female is permanent

This is not true because hair loss can be treated with the help of a medical procedure or a certain type of oral medications and solutions. The main medical procedure which gives you better results is known as female hair transplant. This is the treatment which is so popular among people of every age because this is too effective hair loss treatment.

If you are facing excessive hair loss, then hair products are responsible behind this.

This is totally much because hair products do not cause hair loss in female because these are the products which take care of your hair. These type of products may cause temporary hair if you used them not in a proper way.  Yes, no doubt they use these products more than men, But not all hair care products lead to hair loss in females.

Birth control pills can lead to hair fall

A recent study demonstrates that traditional birth control pills some times lead to hair fall but these days no birth control pill can cause hair loss in female. Because they are totally safe and are useful to produce estrogens in your body which are useful to stimulate your overall health.

Depression and stress makes your hair fall out

Yes, no doubt stress and depression makes your hair to fall out but this hair loss is totally temporary. Your hair will regrow after some time even without any medicated treatment for hair loss. So, don’t worry your hair does not fall out due to deep stress. But you should try to reduce your stress with the help of stress relief therapies.

Direct sunlight cause hair fall

Many people claim that this hair loss condition can cause due to direct sunlight, but this is true. Your intake sunlight in order to boost your vitamin D which is necessary to nourish your body and give you strength to fight with many health conditions. If still, you are in doubt then you must apply sunscreen or cover your head before going outside

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