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Can Ovarian Cysts affect Women's Pregnancy?

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Clinically, the cysts in the ovarian region are called ovarian cysts. The severity of the disease can be judged by the nature and size of the ovarian cysts.

Ovarian cysts are mostly unilateral, not particularly large, mostly no more than 5 centimeters, thin walls, better sound transmission inside, that is, the black area you see.

In general, clinical cysts are cystic cysts, with the possibility of malignant transformation.

Therefore, after the occurrence of ovarian cysts, it is necessary to pay close attention to the changes of patients'physical signs, and to understand the changes of cysts through positive physical examination.

If the cyst changes malignantly, it needs to be removed in time to prevent the cyst from affecting the health of the body. So, will ovarian cysts affect women's pregnancy?

Generally speaking, when a woman's ovarian cyst occurs, whether it will affect her fertility needs to be judged according to the actual situation.

Normally, if the size of cysts in female ovary is relatively small, and after a long period of observation, it is found that the cysts have little change, and there is no possibility of malignant transformation.

At this point, conservative treatment can be used to improve the condition. Cysts with small volume changes are not easy to affect ovarian function and reduce women's fertility.

In addition to adhesions, cystectomy may lead to complications such as pelvic infection, and there is a risk of recurrence.

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