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How does Adenomyosis cause Severe Dysmenorrhea?

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Adenomyosis is a type of frequently-occurring disease in gynecology. It is also an arduous disease. It is a benign lesion caused by the invasion of the basal layer with the endometrium in to the myometrium from the uterus. There is no clear explanation about its pathogenesis.

When the normal uterus is similar to an upside-down pear, the endometrium is like the pear nucleus in the center, as well as the myometrium is the pear flesh wrapped with the pear nucleus.

In a healthy human body, the 2 parts usually do not invade the other. The monthly menstruation will be the thickening with the endometrium as well as the shedding in the bleeding. Then it is discharged across the vagina.

Adenomyosis could be the invasion with the endometrium to the myometrium from the uterus. When menstruation comes each month, the normal position of the endometrium will fall off and bleed step-by-step, after which be discharged through the cervix and vagina.

However, ectopic endometrial tissue growing towards the myometrium of the uterus also swells, bleeds and falls off, however, these fallouts don't have any suitable channel being discharged through the body, which enable it to only accumulate inside myometrium of the uterus, which results in menstrual pain.

The signs and symptoms of adenomyosis for example menstrual abnormalities, dysmenorrhea, and infertility can cause unpredictable damage and impact to patients, and even after treatment, it is usually hard to get the desired results, that is due to the invasion of endometrial glands and stroma to the myometrium from the uterus.

Some people wonder if herbal remedy can treat adenomyosis? According towards the clinical and practical results of gynecologists and herbalists, it will be possible, but there is an area that plant herbal medicine inside treatments for time will probably be relatively long.

At present, from the treatments for Fuyan Pill for 1 to 3 months, structured only alleviate symptoms, such as dysmenorrhea, period problems, and also cure adenomyosis, that's harmless to females and well suited for women of childbearing age.

Basically, there is little change chance of self-healing, so don't place a lot of hope on human self-healing. Suggest patients being examined and treated scientifically to avoid delays inside their condition.

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