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Under what Circumstances do Pelvic Inflammation Patients need Hospitalization?

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Most women have been treated in outpatient clinics over the past decade. The number of inpatients has steadily declined. The cost of PID per patient is about $2,000, equivalent to $1.5 billion per year.

It is noteworthy that doctors must consider pelvic inflammation in women aged 15 to 44. Although these symptoms are mild, there is still tenderness in the lower abdomen or pelvis.

For the treatment of PID, the most common method is antibiotic therapy. Doctors will prescribe specific antibiotics for a few days, and then observe the efficacy.

If there are no improvements or complications caused by your condition, hospitalization is necessary.

If it's a sexually transmitted infection, your partner needs to be treated at the same time to prevent further infection.

In the treatment of pelvic inflammation, surgical treatment is rare. However, in the case of fallopian tube ovarian abscess, it may be necessary. 

Surgery may cause great damage to female genital organs, so some people want to know what natural treatment for PID is?

From the point of view of traditional natural medicine, the balance of yin and yang can help you keep healthy. 

Herbal remedy like Fuyan Pill is mainly composed of plant herbs, which has the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammation and promoting blood circulation. It is very effective in the treatment of fallopian tube obstruction, endometriosis and pelvic inflammation.

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