Odor-Free Carpet and We Owe It from Carpet Cleaners in Lake Forest

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There are many reasons why our carpet got water damage, it could be due to extreme weather, flooding, snow storm, heavy rainfall or if there are pipes that bust out. Whatever the cause are having this problem is somewhat hard to handle. Why? Because a wet carpet can have a strong odor as it have molds due to its damp conditions. If you set aside this issue, your carpet and flooring can be at risk so I guess you have to know types of carpet that will strongly hold’s odor.


Wool- some carpet are made of this materials as it looks great over a long period of time. However, this material will suck liquid twice as normal thus it is advice never to spill any water on it.

Nylon- when you look for durable material, nylon is the best option. It is best used as it is known as one of the most stain resistant fiber. If nylon materials will leave as wet over time, it can easily produce bad smell and molds.

Polyester- If you want an elegant looks, polyester is one good option as well. A carpet that is made with polyester material is most preferred but this doesn’t mean that it is excuse of mold accumulation when left unattended carpetcleaning-in-lakeforest.

How to Treat Bad Smell?

Fortunately, there are many ways to have an odor-free carpet and that includes hiring Dr. Carpet in Lake Forest services. They have the techniques to bringing back the freshness of your carpet. Using good products and devices, you can assure that your carpet will be in good shape and smells like new after their treatment. Cleaning is important and you can achieve the satisfying methods if you opt to professional service.

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