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Is Prostatitis or BPH related to Patient's Age?

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There are a large number of patients consult with prostate diseases everyday, such as prostatitis or prostatic hyperplasia, so what are the difference between them?

Dr. Chen Jianfan, urological surgeon in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, told us that prostatitis is definitely an infectious disease, that's usually associated with living habits, work and rest, etc.

Prostatic hyperplasia is benign, that is related to age and androgen secretion. It is a physiological change. Of course, no matter which one has clinical symptoms, it's important to intervene.

Generally speaking, most of the common prostatitis is young and middle-aged men, while prostatic hyperplasia is especially in some elderly men.

Of course, additionally, there are very the younger generation within the clinic who've a substantial prostate, some of which could possibly be as a result of genetic reasons. Mainly older people, pay attention to control and prevention.

Prostatitis is brought on by infection and may even be mainly painful. The prostatic hyperplasia is definitely the compression obstruction with the urethra brought on by the enlargement of the prostate volume. At this time, it usually presents with obstructive symptoms, such as dysuria.

It will probably be worth noting that in the case of prostatitis and edema, dysuria could also occur. But usually the amount of dysuria could be much lighter than BPH, and frequency of urination, urgency, pain or local pain is a bit more serious than BPH.

The most important thing will be the adjustment of living habits. It is generally recommended that driver with everything men should take note of it and continue to avoid sitting too long.

Sitting for a long time might cause local pressure for the prostate, that might result in congestion and edema in the prostate, and may even induce some inflammation and other symptoms.

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