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Any Natural Way to make Vaginal Secretions Transparent?

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Normally, vaginal secretions are transparent, tasteless, like egg white, with filaments drawn. If vaginal secretions appear abnormal, such as abnormal secretions, odor and bleeding, it can be vaginitis or cervicitis. Different situations present different symptoms. What are the specific manifestations?

1. For First-married women, there exists a slight yellow vaginal discharge no itching or pain symptoms.

In this situation, patients will not need to worry excessive, as long as they pay more attention to personal hygiene, and make on a light diet, and do not overwork, the beneficial bacteria of the vagina itself can defeat the dangerous bacteria.

2. If the patient cohabits for any period of time, and suddenly appears on his underwear a lump of green dregs like secretions, and be larger and much more, appear vaginal swelling and pain, itching, affecting standing and walking, this can be mycotic vaginitis.

This phenomenon is associated with underpants and poor cleaning. Keeping the vulva dry and hygienic could be alleviated by cleaning and sterilizing having a vaginal suppository or lotion for approximately every week.

3. If nocturnal urine often occurs, dripping endlessly, occasional vaginal itching, sexual activity could have a slight burning sensation, and symptoms sometimes whether positive or negative, could have developed into chronic vaginitis.

4. If it is non-menstrual or pregnant, the vagina has brown secretions, which are not thorough, and signs of pain during intercourse.

This phenomenon is functional bleeding, that is linked to endometrial inflammation. After menstruation, the endometrium can't be repaired well. In addition, the autoimmunity is low and the body sex hormone is disordered. At this time, patients require for the hospital for B-ultrasound examination and surgery may occur if necessary.

If the bleeding is serious, more than every week, you could consider endometrial hyperplasia or endometriosis. 

In addition to surgical intervention, patients also can use Fuyan Pill to modify, help to improve autoimmunity, increase the risk for endometrium resume normal thickness, polyps or hyperplasia were cured, it may also radically cure urethritis and vaginitis.

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