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Four lights on the body indicate epididymitis

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Epididymitis can not only cause pain in male testicles, but also cause many complications and great harm. Therefore, we should understand the common symptoms of epididymitis as soon as possible in order to find out and treat it as early as possible. what are the signs of epididymitis?  

1. Bloating pain. Men are afflicted by swelling and pain inside the testicles, which is aggravated when touched, accompanied by a burning feeling, most of the people will feel that it is a result of fire, all to easy to be ignored, a rest is nice.

2. Fever. Patients can have high fever and nausea and vomiting symptoms, no local pain aggravation, pain symptoms often occur. However, everyone's endurance differs, this is different, and the harshness of the condition can't be distinguished by pain.

3. itching. Patients usually have redness inside scrotum. Many men feel itchy obviously, due to the fact in the hyperemia of the prostate, causing itching.

4. Swelling. Many mild patients can have swelling, local pain just isn't serious. However, the ureter becomes thicker and hardened when touched.

It may be worth noting that scrotal swelling, enlargement, and scrotal itching may also be one in the signs and symptoms of epididymitis, urethral infection can cause epididymitis.

Once the urethral bacteria are killed, epididymitis symptoms may also be alleviated, TCM remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill features a good herbal drug penetration, has the effects of Diuresis and drenching, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, will cure epididymitis in 1 to 3 months, and will not produce drug resistance.

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