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What causes of Female Infertility in Daily Life?

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If a woman is infertile, then the harm to her family is great. So what causes female infertility in daily life?

1. Fallopian tube dysfunction. If the fallopian tube is dysfunctional, it will result in the failure of the egg to combine with the sperm to form a fertilized egg, or the failure of the combined fertilized egg to reach the uterus.

Fallopian tube dysfunction is mainly manifested in hydrosalpinx, salpingitis, tubal adhesion, tubal obstruction and other symptoms.

2. Endocrine disorders can also lead to ovulation disorders, fallopian tube dysfunction and amenorrhea in female friends. A series of phenomena such as bleeding during ovulation, ovarian insufficiency, premature senility and so on will affect women's reproductive function.

3. Immune factors. Few female friends have natural immunity to male sperm, that is to say, there is an antibody in women's cervical mucus, which kills male sperm as a pathogen, resulting in less or no sperm content in women, thus unable to form fertilized eggs.

4. Vaginal factors. Men's sperm must pass through the vagina to bind to their eggs. When there are severe vaginitis and other gynecological diseases, it can also affect pregnancy.

If the obstruction of fallopian tube is caused by childbirth operation or unclean sex life, the fallopian tube can be dredged by operation. There are usually salpingography, laparoscopic surgery and so on, at the same time, patients also have a certain risk. 

There are also gynecological inflammation such as: pelvic inflammation, endometritis, vaginitis, will also hinder sperm penetration.

To dredge the fallopian tube and eliminate inflammation, natural therapy can be used, drug penetration is better, mainly through the herbal plant Fuyan Pill used to regulate women's menstruation, remove uterine and fallopian tube residual congestion and hydrops.

Hydrosalpinx and blockage can affect natural pregnancy, to increase the probability of natural pregnancy, and do not affect the development of the fetus after pregnancy, generally three months in advance for pregnancies.

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