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How to judge the quality of your ovums?

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Many women do not know how to judge the quality of eggs. In order to correctly judge them, we can use the following four criteria. If problems are found, we hope you can make timely adjustments.


1. Age: According to research, the number of eggs decreases faster after 37 years old, and the chances of selecting good eggs are also lower.


2. Hormone testing: Some data of menstruation can be used to judge whether the egg is good or bad. For example, when the number of eggs decreases, the ovary's feedback inhibition to the pituitary gland decreases, and the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) rises, usually with the FSH on the third day of menstruation as the reference value.


3. Ultrasound examination: Ultrasound examination of ovarian size, cavity follicles, abnormalities can be detected.


4. Premenstrual secretions: When ovulation is stimulated by high concentration of female hormones, the body will secrete transparent and viscous substances. If there is a substance similar to egg albumin before menstruation, it means that the hormone secretion is good, the egg should not be bad.


Factors Influencing Oocyte Quality


1. Childbearing age. For women, 23-30 is the best childbearing age. After 30, fertility is inversely proportional to age. According to the physiological characteristics of women, 24-29 year-old women have fully developed in all aspects of the body, and oocyte quality is high, chromosome variation and other teratogenic factors are less.


2. Artificial abortion. All painless abortions do not mean harmless. Every abortion will increase your infertility rate by 3% - 5%. This is because abortion is easy to cause endometrial damage, so that fertilized eggs are not easy to take root. In addition, infection caused by improper operation or failure to rest well after operation, which is easy to cause tubal obstruction, endometriosis and other problems.


3. Gynecological diseases. Women's various gynecological diseases, although they do not seem to be a major problem, are always affecting the successful conception of eggs. In addition to tubal obstruction, endometriosis and other pathological changes, some infectious diseases, such as gonococcus, chlamydia, Mycoplasma-Induced pelvic inflammation, vaginitis, cervicitis, can lead to local leukocytosis, affect the normal activity of sperm, and make it difficult to conceive.


4. Period of ovulation. Generally, the algorithm of ovulation period is about 12 days before the last day of menstruation. Sexual intercourse during ovulation can greatly improve the fertility rate. Because eggs can only survive for one day in women. This means that the time of conception is probably from five days before you ovulate to one day after. But within three days, including the day of ovulation, the probability of conception is higher.


5. Bad hobbies. Smoking, drinking or staying up late are known as the three major obstacles to conception. The effect of nicotine on women is likely to affect the secretion of sex hormones and cause menstrual disorders; while alcoholism may lead to irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, ovarian mutation and cessation of ovulation; frequent staying up late will reduce women's immunity, affecting hormone secretion and the quality of eggs in the body.


6. Oocyte health is also closely related to women's ovarian health and endocrine function. If the ovarian function is abnormal, such as irregular menstruation, menstrual disorders, premature menstruation, increased leucorrhea and so on, in this case, you can use traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the disease. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is due to deficiency of spleen and kidney, insufficiency of Qi and blood leading to irregular menstruation. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes natural health treatment, which has less side effects than hormone therapy in chemical medicine. Therefore, for women who want to have children, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is more ideal. You can take Fuyan pill, which is a patent product of Chinese patent medicine. The effect of treatment is ideal.


Ways to Improve Egg Quality

1. age. The best reproductive age for women is 23-30 years old. Female fertility is more affected by age than male fertility. There is an in vitro fertilization experiment: the first group is female eggs over 40 years old and young men's sperm, and the second group is female sperm under 30 years old and male sperm over 50 years old. The results show that the success rate of the second group is significantly higher than that of the first group. This indicates that age has an important influence on the fertility of eggs.


2. Keep healthy. The healthier a woman is, the lower the probability of chromosome aberration in her eggs. It is not only easier to get pregnant, but also lower the abortion rate after pregnancy. Of course, the worse the body, the higher the probability of chromosome aberration and the worse the quality of the eggs, the greater the probability of infertility and abortion. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure her health. Once a disease occurs, it needs to be treated as soon as possible.


3. Proper exercise. Proper physical exercise can help women improve their physical fitness and ensure the quality of their eggs. Therefore, for any woman who plans to conceive, she should exercise regularly for a period of time before she becomes pregnant. For example, three months before the planned pregnancy, appropriate and reasonable sports or related physical exercises, such as jogging, soft gymnastics, swimming, Taijiquan and so on, can be carried out to improve the physical fitness of each body and lay a solid foundation for pregnancy.


4. Mood adjustment. According to research, when stress persists or often occurs, the body produces a large amount of "anxiety hormone" called cortisone, which increases tension. Excessive hormone secretion of a single variety breaks the original hormone balance, leading to endocrine disorders and affecting ovarian ovulation ability. Therefore, moderate decompression and relief of tension can effectively ensure your good pregnancy.


5. Regulate diet. Try to give up smoking and alcohol, avoid overeating and nutritional imbalance. In daily life, we should also eat more black beans, soybean milk and boiled fish soup. Black beans can prevent premature ovarian failure. Soybean milk can effectively regulate endocrine and avoid endocrine disorders affecting ovulation. Boiled fish soup can promote follicular development and help women exclude dominant follicles. Of course, more food can prevent premature ovarian failure and other diseases, conducive to ovarian development, patients if necessary, to develop a reasonable diet program.


6. Avoid menstrual sex. Menstrual sex can stimulate the body to produce anti-sperm antibodies, trigger pelvic infection, endometriosis and so on, reduce the vitality of the egg.


Ovarian function and the quality of eggs directly affect women's pregnancy. For their own health and for the health of their next generation, I hope everyone can pay attention to the little common sense related to the health of eggs.


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