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How to Maintain Ovary

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Ovary is an important endocrine organ in women. It represents youth, maturity and vitality. Although all organs of the body are equally important and gradually decline with age, ovarian aging is very different from other organs of the body. It is an organ that almost completely loses its function after half of life. The decline of ovarian function indicates the coming of old age. Therefore, it is not surprising that women attach great importance to ovarian function.


Emphasis on reproductive health check-ups can be done to prevent future diseases. We call premature ovarian failure (POF) when women suffer from ovarian failure before 40 years old, accompanied by endocrine abnormalities such as increased serum gonadotropin levels (FSH > 40 IU/L) and decreased estrogen levels.


Premature ovarian failure, such a terrible term for medical experts also feel difficult, once diagnosed, it is difficult to cure. Therefore, experts at home and abroad renamed it "ovarian dysfunction". In the clinical diagnosis and treatment of early ovarian insufficiency published in 2017, the diagnostic threshold of FSH was lowered. The diagnostic threshold of subclinical FSH is 15-25U/L. This is convenient for clinical observation. At the same time, clinicians can pay attention to the early manifestations of ovarian dysfunction, early warning, early intervention and fertility counseling, and make recommendations for fertility preservation when necessary.


Reproductive health check points: B-mode ultrasonography was used to observe the number of ovarian sinus follicles, reproductive endocrine hormones (FSH, LH, E2, T, etc.) and anti-Mullerian hormones (AMH).


The etiology of early-onset ovarian insufficiency (POI) is complex. Even if all means are exhausted, the etiology of POI is still unknown in 50% of patients. Among all the pathogenic factors: some may have preventive measures, such as genetic factors. On the premise of defining the pathogenic genes, the screening of pathogenic genes can be carried out. Early warning, family planning guidance and fertility preservation should be achieved. Some can not be completely avoided, such as iatrogenic. Most of them are cancer patients. However, ovarian protection should be emphasized in the necessary treatment. Fertility preservation can be provided for patients before treatment with the participation of oncologists and reproductive doctors. Some have no effective measures, such as immune factors. Some can avoid risks, such as unhealthy environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy hobbies. So the maintenance of ovarian function, to do what should be done, then how?


1. Understand your body and pay attention to your ovaries. Treat the physiological aging of ovaries correctly. Give yourself a healthy life. It includes psychology, diet and exercise.


2. According to the clinical observation, infertility is usually the earliest manifestation of the patient. Later, with sparse ovulation and irregular menstruation, it eventually develops into amenorrhea. Consult and seek medical advice in case of abnormal situation. Some tests related to ovarian function should be reviewed as required. For doctors, they should avoid the psychological pressure and panic caused by inadequate interpretation. For patients, it is also necessary to avoid blindly seeking medical treatment, unrealistic demand for "cure".


3. There is a process of ovarian dysfunction. In this process, there will be some clues to let you start first. For example, regular reproductive health check-ups, timely detection of uterine and ovarian organic lesions (such as tumors) and ovarian function decline in the precursor of "indicators". For some chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune diseases) should also be actively treated.


4. When pelvic surgery is needed for diseases, most doctors will pay attention to the protection of ovarian function during operation. When it comes to infertility, it's better to invite a reproductive doctor to have an afternoon tea before the operation and listen to his opinions on the operation. The second operation of uterus, fallopian tube and ovary should be more cautious. Some symptoms are not serious enough to require surgery, you can try medication, such as Fuyan pill, Fuyan Pill is a Chinese patent Herbal Medicine For Pelvic inflammation, Endometriosis, Fallopian Tube Blockage, Hydrosalpinx and other gynecological diseases. The pills are made of Chinese herbs, which are safe and effective, with no side effects. Herbs Fuyan Pill is a traditional but effective and natural home remedies for treating inflammations of female reproductive system and multiple gynecological diseases and has effective functions in eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation. In all, Fuyan Pills will be a long term satisfied solution for Pelvic Inflammation, Endometriosis, Tubal Blockage and so on diseases without surgery.


5. If there is no desire to have children, we should have a protective sexual life, do a good job in contraceptive measures, and avoid the harm caused by abortion and ectopic pregnancy.


5. For women with family history of premature ovarian failure or endometriosis (EM), high-throughput technology can be used to screen pathogenic genes. For young women with genetic variation in their families, it is recommended to have children as soon as possible, or to preserve their fertility if policies and related measures permit.


Understanding the importance of ovaries, doing a good job of protection in peacetime, actively taking medical treatment when diseases occur, adjusting good mentality, which can keep youthful and beautiful forever. I wish you good health.



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