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What's the Causes and Treatments of the Uterine fibroids?

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Uterine fibroids are benign tumors in the uterus of women, which can form in several different areas of the uterus. Its location can be used to classify different types of leiomyomas according to the uterine regions they affect.

There are three types of uterine leiomyoma.

I. Intermural fibroma. Neuromyoma is a benign neoplasm in the endometrium. This is the most common type, accounting for 70% of uterine leiomyomas, may lead to uterine cavity and uterine deformation in some cases.

2. Subserous fibroma. Subserous myoma is a benign tumor that occurs outside the uterus on the serosa. This type is relatively common in women of childbearing age, in some cases, subserous fibroma may oppress the fallopian tube, leading to infertility.

3. Submucosal fibroma. It forms in the medial part of the uterus of the submucosa. When the volume is small, there may be no obvious symptoms, but some women notice particularly large bleeding and increased abdominal pain during menstruation.

According to a large number of clinical observations and experimental results, uterine leiomyoma is a hormone-dependent tumor. In addition, ovarian function and hormone metabolism are regulated by advanced nerve centers.

For women with symptoms of subserous leiomyoma and large size of leiomyoma,surgical excision of hysteromyoma is usually an alternative treatment.

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