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What changes will Seminal Plasma have if Seminal Vesiculitis occurs?

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As we all know, seminal plasma plays a decisive role in reproduction. Therefore, if the seminal vesicle has pathological changes, the fertility quality will be seriously affected. What changes will happen to sperms under the seminal vesicle inflammation?

1. Changes in seminal plasma composition. Seminal plasma should contain a certain amount of nutrients and trace lactic acid to support sperm and help sperm activity. In case of inflammation of seminal vesicle and prostate, bacteria will be mixed in seminal plasma, and lactic acid substances will increase bacterial toxins.

2. Decrease of acidity and alkalinity. The acidity and alkalinity of normal seminal plasma were 7.2-8.9, and sperm could move freely in this environment. After suffering from seminal vesiculitis, acidic substances increase the number of sperm that will die in the presence of acidic substances.

3. Increase in Viscosity. When suffering from seminal vesicle adenitis, there are not only bacteria in seminal plasma, but also a large number of white blood cells, and even mixed with pus. Viscosity will suddenly increase, resulting in sperm quality decline, semen liquefaction and other consequences.

4. Quantitative anomalies. In the case of seminal vesiculitis, the secretion of seminal plasma will be reduced, which is not conducive to the survival of sperm. Sperm quality is not up to standard and fertility is naturally affected.

Most of Chronic seminal vesiculitis are associated with prostatitis. Pure plant herbs contain Houttuynia cordata and Plantago seed, which have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. The penetration of drugs is better. Toxins are usually excreted through the urethra or intestinal tract, these two herbs are only a small part of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills.

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