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High-Risk Groups of BPH

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I. Middle-aged and elderly males. Most of them were middle-aged and men over 50 years old. The reason why middle-aged and elderly men are susceptible to BPH can be explained by hormone effects and functional tests. 

2. Obese People. Obesity affects testicular blood circulation. Researchers have proposed that the increase of intra-abdominal pressure in obese people hinders the return of testicular and prostatic veins, which leads to the increase of testosterone concentration in testis and hydrostatic pressure in prostatic tissue, thus promoting the occurrence of prostatic hyperplasia.

How to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia? (Natural Cure without Side Effects)

It is suggested by TCM doctors that they can implement the use of herbal formula therapy, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills, which contain Plantain, Angelica Sinensis, Peach Kernel, Houttuynia, etc, with diuretic and drenching, blood circulation, heat clearing and detoxification effect, can treat urinary tract infection, prostatic inflammation and hyperplasia, so that toxins go through urine, feces and other forms of discharge or decomposition, timely. Frequent urination, urgency, urinary pain, cystitis, enlarged prostate, and other problems will not exist within one to three months.



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