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What are the Causes of Testicular Swelling and Pain?

By merrina_jay at 2019-03-19 • 0 collector • 31 pageviews

Testicular swelling and pain is caused by orchitis, but how can a 22-year-old boy still be infected with testicular inflammation? What are the causes of testicular swelling and pain?

What are the causes of testicular swelling and pain?

1. Masturbation increases the chances of bacteria directly invading the reproductive tissue system. Bacteria invading the reproductive tissue system can lead to a series of tissue inflammation. These diseases are closely related to frequent masturbation.

2. Sexual disorders, irregular objects and frequent exchange of sexual partners also increase the risk of male friends suffering from urogenital diseases such as orchitis. According to the survey, a considerable number of patients with urogenital diseases are patients with sexual disorders.

3. Urogenital infection. It should be clear that the urogenital system is very close to each other, so if one tissue is infected with inflammation, it will have a great chance to infect other tissues, orchitis is no exception.

If such symptoms persist for more than five months or several years repeatedly, you can try herbal formula such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills. Although the treatment will take a relatively long time, but it has better drug penetration than antibiotics, taking 1 to 3 months can be cured.

The disadvantage of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills is that the price is more expensive than antibiotics. It is not easy to buy them locally. Although many people have cured orchitis and epididymitis, it is not recommended that patients choose it blindly, but also according to their own symptoms and economic conditions.

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